Geographical location


Geographical location
The school is located in Gilgil Town Sub - County, in Nakuru County. The area is generally arid with little agricultural activities going on. Building materials are acquired mainly from Karuga on the boarder of Nakuru-Nyandarua Counties. The school is located about 300 meters from the Nairobi- Nakuru highway,to the Eastern section.
Economic activities in the area are:
The following activities are carried out in the area around the school.
1.    Small –scale businesses
2.    Rearing of poultry
3.    Market- gardening e.g.Vegetables, tomatoes,etc
4.    Service delivery e.g Kenya Defence Forces, National Youth Service and Kenya Police
5.    Horticulture mainly  floriculture
6.    Some livestock rearing, sheep and cattle especially in Kikopey,Gema,Mbegi and Teachers area.
7.    The strategic location in a rich catchment area in form of student enrolment.
8.    Easy accessibility in terms of good transport and communication.


BACKGROUND INFORMATIONGilgil Town Secondary was started in the year 2013 with the initial enrolment of 35 students. The need to have a secondary …

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